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The happy face of nature.

Mother Nature is very wise and knows how to brighten lives.
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  • Love it
  • Hi dear VesaE,

    Yes, you're right, this scenario can be everywhere, because Mother Nature is amanzing, I'm very happy that you like.

    By the way, you are welcome here anytime.   :)

  • HI my dear Parseh,

    I want to tell you what is in this photo?

    There are three big bird like a goose or eagles, they are flying in a beautiful day, but the amazing thing is; two on them are with the winds down and those looks like happy eyes, and the other bird is below to the other ones and it has its wins up ....

    so, when you see that photo you can see a gorgeous happy face!!! and it's from the nature.

    You got it?


  • hi dear lucy.
    I can not open pics but by other comments i found that it is so funny.
  • Hi Karenina,

    Thanks for pass by my page.


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