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the donkey knows

Suffering makes fun.

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  • Terima kasih kembali mod.Onee Chan! Thanks for pressing the like button. 

  • A rare picture! Wonderful!

    Like Sewar said, "it seems enjoyable" :D

    Good day, Teacher Dara.

    • Mod. Onee, aku selalu suka kata kata mu. Your words are like a restoration or healing. They come from your heart, that is why they enter directly into our hearts. Thanks for your  nice comment.

  • Shookran nazeelan ya Rosemary! Thanks for pressing the like button

  •   Very deep and meaningful  . She trust the donkey  to take her home even when she is sleeping over its back . The picture show us another side as well how people are unfair  with donkeys  because  they make  fun of this animal  all the time . A great shot 👍

    • Tamam ya Rosemary! The donkey is poor. We load it more than it can bear. Thanks, Rosemary for your nice comment, and sorry for the late reply.


  •          This pecture made my enjoyable time. 😂😂😂😂😂 God bless you.

    • Wa laou ya Sewar, init kulik khair wa  baraka! I am glad you feel that way. Thanks for your nice words.

  • a nice pictuere.

    • Privyet Winnie The Pooh! Thanks for your nice comment. Sorry for my late reply.

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