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Syubi's Card to Me

...on Valentine's Day.I love you, too! :)
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  • Omg Omg Omg... :O

    I didn't see this comment though I could see other comments on other photos. 

    I uploaded it here bcoz I wanted everybody to see your great love to me! kekeke

    PS. I guess it must be "You worth it" or "You are worth it" :S

  • Omg Omg Omg... :O

    should you upload it here on public?? then why did I send you this to your email? >:(

    I wanted to make it private and personal also because I didn't want others to see the typo I made heheh.. I had a hard time choosing the word "worthed" or "worth it" :P Thank God, I typed syubidupapap there instead of...

    Hmm uploaded on Feb 17th... I didn't know that though I have visited your page several times just to listen to your playlist

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