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Syubi Flower :)

I am dedicating this cute flowers to Syubi... :)
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  • Nida:

    Hmm, it's ok Nida. I think I might need a dictator to tells me to eat everything so I can gain weight fast lol. Besides, she is the one who will pay all the food so why say no to free food? :D

  • You'll enjoy more when you'll become a host. That's why! kekeke

  • Why should I stop?? I enjoy it! kekeke

  • That's why I'm asking you to stop being a dictator, little one! kekeke

  • Bcoz I am a dictator, Nido! kekeke

  • Yaaaas!!  Behave as a host, not as a dictator!!  kekeke

  • Syu, I don't like picky eaters! You will have to eat what I say! kekeke

  • Ha! :D 

    Ok, you both can be my guide. I am closing my eyes and you can take me everywhere as I will fully believe in both of you and I will eat everything. Oh, a bit warning, I can be a bit of a picky eater. *_*

  • Syu, why are you asking? I will take you there. -_-

  • Musti, seems like you know a lot of thing. Do you know where is the best doner to eat in Turkey? It is in case I will go there one day :D

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