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I didn't know this couple, but when i saw them on the beach, i couldn't stop myself and i took this picture. When i checked it on my camera screen, i thought it was so beautiful that i went to meet that couple to show them the photo. They both were very touched and they told me their story.Their husband and wife died from a cancer about 2 years ago. After spending some very hard time trying to go on with their life, they met each other in a church, became friends, supporting each other and finaly fell in love. Their journey in Turkey was a kind of honeymoon... their first trip together....They gave me their email address and the next day i sent them the photo.Since then ( about a week ago) they wrote me 2 very nice emails and i know that we will be real friends and will meet again.
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  • Wow! What a sweet story! ^_^

    Thank you for sharing Forget-me-Not.

  • :)

  • Thanks for your comment and interest Alyaa.
  • very nice
  • Sweet Zahra, No doubts about this...  Gald to see your comment on my photo. Thanks
  • Hello Ramona, yes, that was their destiny ! Thanks for your comment.
  • Hello Sirlene, Thanks for your comment and interest to this post.

  • Wow! So touching a story.

    How beautifully God brings hearts together!

    Thanks dear Manuela for sharing the nice photo.


  • Thanks to everyone for their comment and interest to this story and photo. I could never expect that this post would be so successful.  Thanks again.
  • they have agood lovely story


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