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"Stranger Things" is an American science fiction-horror television series.The plot of that serie takes place in the 1980's. I have a relative who enjoys that serie and wanted to celebrate a birthday with that theme.Here you can see the characters of the serie placed in a Rubick's cube (well...its imitation). As you know that famous toy was released in the 1980's. We had fun!I don't like horror movies but I have to admit that this one is thrilling!
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  • Rosemary, thanks for taking the time to see the photo. I like to comment on photos! I am sure you will enjoy this serie. I am watching the second season, and it is terrific!!

    Have a wondeful day!

  • Hi, I Dara. Thank you for your comment on this photo. No, I don't like horror movies; however, this one has science fiction and drama, so it is quite interesting!

    I think I watched "Dracula" many years ago, but I don't remember it much. I will see your discussion!

    Have a nice day you too.

  •    Thanks for sharing  , I will search for it on the youtube  . Have a nice day  :) 

  • Me gushtan las peliculas de terror, Janeth. I am afraid of horror movies, but I like them a lot. I watch a movie, at least every night before I go to sleep. My wife does not like them. I like Dracula a lot. Have you seen Dracula, Janeth? Please, see my discussion about Dracula. I am sure you will love it. Thanks for sharing.     

  • Thank you, Janeth!

    Have a great Sunday too!

  • looks  pretty   interesting  ....I  gonna  watch it  never  too late  ;)

  • Yes Roman, it is a TV series,  a young boy disappear and many people is looking for him. In the meantime many strange and supernatural events happen....."stranger things"....among them the appearance of a girl with "special powers".  That serie focuses on the searching of the missing boy.   Enjoy your Sunday!!

  • The name of that television series is scary by itself.

  • Hi Olga!!  You are right!! (LOL).  It is a fiction-horror series, but the picture looks like a cartoon for children. That serie is very popular in the USA (NETFLIX). If someone likes this genre of movies/series I am sure they will enjoy it.  As I said before, I prefer other kind of movies, but this one is good! Enjoy a great Sunday Olga!

  • Hi Onee-Chan, it is played by humans. Here one of the banners.   Have a nice day!2644159482?profile=original

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