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Stop for a moment!

Just to enjoy the beauty of nature.
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  • Thank you, Roman and Mr.Mishaikh for your comment. ^_^

    Yeah, they are universal cones. Just, the view of tollroad and mountain make it a great combination to me. ^_^

  • That was a good stop for a moment, Onee! :)

    I want to say the same, as Elen said! The clouds touch the top of the mountain! 

    And also it looks like that volcano is erupting. And some clouds are clouds of smoke. :) 

  • These cones seem universal, I see them everywhere.

  • My dear Elen,

    You're right. I didn't noticed it. LOL.....

    The cloud is light and low... Maybe they want to have a rest at the top of the mountain. :D

    Thank you so much for your precious comment. ^^

  • Nice view! I like how low are the clouds. They touch the top of the mountain!

  • Hi Marsha,

    Thank you so much for liking the photo. ^_^

  • Dear Eva,,

    It's amazing for me, too, since no mountain in my hometown or the city I live in. But, it's near as I can reach 2 hours there by car. 

    White and orange cones...:D It was to bound the road and I think I was in a highway. It was a very short moment to take this pic, as I was in the moving car. :D

    YES, I meant the mountain really caught my eyes. It was really near. And when you go to the mountain, you will feel the very fresh air and water

    What about another town? I hope you can visit a mountain there.

    Thank you so much for your comment and like. It means a lot. ^_^

  • Dear Precious and Sugeng,

    Thank you so much for liking this photo. ^_^

  • Dear Kal,

    I'm so grateful that I can see the beauty of nature. I hope you can see such beauty, too.

    "Green Color Mountain try to wearing a white color floss silk cloth". What a poetic comment! I love it. Thanks, dear Kal. ^^ So many thanks. ^^

  • Green Color Mountain try to wearing a white color floss silk cloth. How many wonderful moment is this? My loving mother nature, you are so amazing!

    How many lucky eyes have you dear Onee,

    Many thanks for sharing with us!

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