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  • Ow, Ed.....!

    I've heard about this mystery-circle of stone and some opinion behind that "Window wallpaper" :P. Wow! so, there were so many legends about it. It's really really nice, dear! Ow! I wish I could visit there someday. And at that time, please lent me some coats, won't you? otherwise, I guess I will die in cold :P

  • I envy you....Want to see this place with my own eyes...

  • ok, no problem.. In may of 2012 I went to UK and before got there, I've done a lot of researches about what I can visit in that country. Well in some point I looked to Stonehenge..After that was clear that I had to go there.. :p Imagine that when you're a child you start discover things by yourself some places and landscapes.. one of that was Stonehenge.. can you remember of that Windows Wallpaper :D .. how cannot know about it? hehe It simple is in our mind that mystical place...
    I got there in a sunny day, but don't get me wrong.. was cold.. :p so cold :p the air breeze can flow for all over the field cuz has no building around it...
    Until now was my experience about getting that place... Answering you, It's a good place for relax and think about how the world it's so great and an incredible place.. Did u know that a lot legends about it? A celtic cemetery, a ritual place, an aiport for aliens, my favorite it's that was Merlim who construct it.. yeah Merlim of the King Arthur :) I wanna visit some legendary place this year..
    backing and finishing what u asked, worth the visit but do not be fooled, it's just a place to pass sometime and enjoy the moment, like I said, has nothing around it :p
  • Can you tell us something about what you saw?

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