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Stand Proudly

Now, I don’t have much of my old personality. Many characteristics of mine have been lost. I am broken but still stand proudly.

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  • nice to see you around agian. God bless you brother.

    • Many thanks for your nice comment brother.


  • Thank you for sharing these stunning sculptures,  your  words also are fitting quite well. 


    • Many thanks for your comment, Helen S, that’s very kind of you.

  • Adriano Martelli , it is late here in my damn place and the electricity will go off. I'm going to bed now. I will wait for your reply eagerly tomorrow. I 'll not be hidden for sure.

  •  Hello Sir,

    I like your this photo, I must say it’s a very interesting photo, says quite a lot. I like your quotation line as you posted along with it.

     May I kindly ask, where the phone is taken?

    • I found it in Facebook, then it inspired me a lot. I added my sentences under it. Thank you Evangelina  for your nice comment.

        • Hi Adriano Martelli 

          It is saddened to see unfriendly comments on some topics from people we supposed they are well literate. People who speak more than one language are very educated, and I think you are one of them . I follow and read most your comments, I still consider your comments as kind of jokes as I strongly believe that learning is fun.

          But sometime I can't imagine how you go far, as you did with Mr. Dara , please don’t be  controversial, you come from a very modern country.

          I did not claim the picture  is mine. Sometimes,  we need to support our writings by pictures. If you see what I did is wrong, you can send to the admin instead of accusing me as plagiarizer.

          Adriano Martelli
          myEnglishClub (myEC), your page in English
        • The text is mine, but picture is not. Iam not painter.

        • Adriano, we may use such pics even from anywhere, but we have to name the source.

          Mr. Tawfeeq can still name the source,  then, it is not plagiarizing. 

          Why not discussing about photos of others?

This reply was deleted.