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Little cakes

Different little cakes made by my hands
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  • Wooow, I love cakes, specially these look delicious!

  • Yummy, but I have to refrain...............................

    Nice home made sweeties.

  • mmm... my weakness 

  • Haha...Marek. To be honest...actually, I don't like so much sweet things. But when I see a cake like yours, my mouth is watering.

    You are right, I should have written on a silver platter or a silver tray.

    We have in German the same idiom.

    Thanks again for commenting.

  • Tablet or platter ?.. To be given something on a silver platter.
    I've been given many things on a silver platter ( I did not need to earn them) It's a beautiful idiom.. ( In Polish we say exactly the same!)

  • It was so many years ago dear Rose. Now I'm not baking .. I can, but I do not do it...You asked me for a piece...Does it mean you have a sweet tooth..?

  • Haha, Marek. I read and understand the idioms very well. Well used!

    Your cake looks delicious. But where is my piece of it????? I'd like to taste it. time I expect a piece of your cake, delivered on a silver tablet....LOL!

  • I must tell you my Internet friend from Texas was really impressed by ( with?) my sernik ( cheesecake) .

    P. S I wanted you to focus on the idioms and you're checking me.. Ladies and gentlemen  there is my specialty...Sernik cheescake.jpg

  • Hahaha, Marek. I like your sharp humor.

    By the us a example of your bake art.

    Thanks a lot for your comment.

  • It looks nice.. Even I can bake.... opps Hold your tongue Marek! Rose can take it as a challenge, so hold your horses and admit she is a good baker .

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