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Smiling Moon over Bangkok

What can it mean? The Moon is smiling over Thailand. I took this photo on 1st December 2008 around 7pm in Bangkok. In fact this is a rare astronomical phenomenon known as “Conjunction of Moon, Venus and Jupiter”. The three brightest objects in the sky over Bangkok and parts of Thailand form a “smiling face”. This phenomenon will not recur until 2012. conjunction: a coming together The Moon is a satellite of the planet Earth. Venus and Jupiter are planets.
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  • I like the moon. It's a rare phenomenon.
  • I think this picture was the same picture when I saw before. I took it too but i dunno where it is now. :-)

  • your are a good photographer 

    thank you 

  • seems that ask me to smile tonight it is my birthday and i see it by chance and i feel that it means something for me in this special night :)"

  • Wonderful nature!It's an extraordinary picture.I've never seen this conjunction before;hope one day I can see it too.....
  • I could see that from my bed room window in the northwest direction. First time in my life...
  • That's beautiful.
  • Hello sir
    how do you catch this wonderful scene . very nice to seen
  • " ... a beautiful night ..."

  • Dear sir! I like this image the best.
    Would you like to send this Album.
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