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Smaila's Tail

Smaila's tail that hungs from the doghouse. Please, don't be afraid that there is cold or wet, because I personally checked it out.
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  • Are you envious? :D

  • looks very warm!

  • Dear Kal, I think I understand now. You are right. And plus it is better visible from the other side. I mean that side, which is opposite to "profile" side.
  • Dear Roman,

    I know about you and no doubt about your kindness. Really, I didn’t mean it.  I know some animals, if they eat how much, they don’t grow.

  • Hi Estanis! I had checked it out by one hand and by my head:) Because it is almost impossible for me to get into the house. It is made of wood. But there is one layer of 2 centimeters polyurethane foam between the boards inside the walls.

  • So You checked it out? Did you get into the house? :D

    Btw, I wonder what,s it made of, I mean that grey material.
  • Dear Kal, she is not thin:) Me and my mother, we are such kind of people that rather we will be starving than our pets!
  • Nice tail! Now can't say that she is thin.

  • To be honest, till this moment we were afraid that she refuse new doghouse. So we sighed with relief after this picture.
  • :) Indeed!
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