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Shadow Family

Shadow Family
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  • Cool pic Luci... Love it! :)

    Ag, I have a beautiful palm tree on my country house. No camels so far but cats.
  • Roman, yeah sure we are smiling and showing our tongues :D thanx for your comment :)
  • AG, whaaat??? Palms are in the south everywhere... Spain, Italy, Croatia and as you see even the summer there is palm promenade in one Czech city too!
  • Kal.. was closer to sunset..u r good oberver ;)
  • It is very beautiful picture! It shows, how beautiful your family is! Despite we can see only the shadows, I think you all are smilimg in that moment:)

  • palm trees in Europe :O Next time we are gonna see Camels :D 

  • Were you bathing sunrise? Lovely moment!

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