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Jelly Cake

Came across an old photo. That time, I was making Jelly Art Cake.
We used injection method to make flower decorations inside the cake.

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  • Looks like a piece of art, so skillful!!! 

    • Thank you, O.M. I am glad to see you around EC again.

  • Profesional skills for cook. How to make them? This skill requires our meticulousness.

    • Hello sweet friend! This is an example of a cake made by expert, not like mine. There are many videos on Youtube about how to make 3D Jelly Cake. If you are interested in making the cake, then should give it a try :D)))






      • Peony , very nice. Thank you so much. 

  • Lots of queries here, I got one too!

    If I hold the cake upside down, won't it  fall on the floor? 

    btw, nice cake! Next time, when you wanna try out these cake again, don't forget to invite us to help you out with eating them. 

    • It won't fall on the floor. Even when you want to eat it, you need to gouge the pudding out of its bowl.

      Nah, I do not know when I will take this sort of class again :D

      But I am sure you are a reliable juror in terms of testing food :)))

  • It looks palatable, how you make this extraordinary pudding cake ? The pudding seems a hologram 

    • That time I got enrolled in Pastry & Culinary class. So I had a teacher who assisted me.

      One more picture for you :)))



  • Great...!!!  Never seen this technique. Is it edible colourants? Has is any kind of base?  The result is flamboyant,  congrats!!!  You're really skilled Peony. 

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