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A drop of honey

You can see how different tomatoes can be. The smallest ones are the sweetest, by the way....The sort is called "A drop of honey".
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  • if me ,i even dont know where to start to bite.

  • it is the most grotesque tomato i have ever seen ,i mean the big stature.

  • ooh fresh tomato's , You can make very delicious  Abgoosht, But you need Another Materials 

  • ohh they were washed so clean .. ke ke ke :P

  • Please send a bottle of ketchup to me. I want to taste how the 'drop of honey' tastes like. :D :D :D :D :D

  • I made ketchup from them :)))))))))

  • What did you with all those tomatoes? 

  • Inna, what spell did you do to make them this way? =)))))))

  • OHMY! Love it. Over here, it's too hot to grow my own tomato :(

  • Sure, they are. All the two buckets.:)))))))))))))2389837488?profile=original

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