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roasted chicken

Prepared by my wife.
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  • Yes, it's looks so delicious. .hope will get recipe. ..awaiting. ..thanks for sharing dear Mr.Dara.
  • Lol, sangay Imshafi, of course, you are our guest of honor. I will tell Fatima to make another one for the taste of my friend, Imshafi. Thanks.

  • It looks like very tasteful and special, you don't mean invite me!

  • Nama nya, (dijaj mashwi). Saya harap kamu baik, Lina. Lama tidak ada chat dengan kamu. Keluarga mu dan teman bagaiman? It has no name, only as you say, roasted chicekn. Thanks for your nice comment.

  • look very delicious ..what is the name of the food? will you tell me the recipe please! :)

  • Naynoon my lady, Pint. I will ask Fatima to do that. I will tell her to cook a special one for the precious, Pint. You are most welcome.

  • Soo yummy...I feel hungry now, I wanna take a bite. Please tell your wife she cooked a very delicious dish.

  • Khudaki gasam, main nahi pata, White Knight. My wife is the one who does the cooking. I know how to fry or boil eggs, make tea. Thanks for your nice comment. 

  • You are welcome, Dara Gino!

  • oh Wowwww awesome , i think that u can also cook similar to this as u r also a good cook .

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