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roasted chicken

Prepared by my wife.
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  • Sungay Imshafi, you are invited to it. Thanks for your comment.

  • Mumnoon Saba! I agree, they are very delicious. Thanks for your comment. 

  • Yes, I like barbecued chicken more.

  • Bladodanya Pepe, even boiled chicken, you cannot eat!  I really appreciate it. I hope that you are always in a good condition.   

  • Bedannkt George! Thanks for pressing the like button.

  • Yindi xik khrang, Sirakarn Promwang. Welcome again. I am going to learn some Thai words from you if you don't mind. Thanks. 

  • I appreciate that you know about my language even a little bit. That's enough for new friend like me as well. Thank you for you warm welcome 

  • Cheh chan Sirakarn, believe me, Sira, I could not get that. My Thai language, as I said before, is very poor. Thanks anyway. 

  • Kob khun ka. Yin Dee Chen gan ka

  • Khob khun Sirakarn, nae yindi tanrab. You are most welcome my dear new friend. 

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