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This is me relaxing in a hotel's room during one of our visits.
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  • Good

  • It's nice to lie down sometimes with your shoes on.

  • Thanks Olga for your nice comment.

  • See, dear Mishaikh.
    Most of your friends would like to see you all but not only legs. :P
    When will you show off your face? LOL
    Nice photo. But we are waiting for your portrait next time. )))

  • Estanis - Rose Iris Will - betSNR

    Oh, actually I was waiting for other members of family to get ready to go somewhere.  I usually get myself ready in a jiffy. On the contrary my wife..................................

  • LOL... let me guess, you didn't take off your shoes just to click this picture and share with us. :) Am i right ? :P

    I like this posture it adds more comfort especially when u are in the hotel and get a fluffy bed :D having remote in hand and watching TV :D

  • oh...oh...I just can not believe you put your legs on the bed with shoes

  • Lol, Mishaikh, I don't believe that's you. No one ist made just from legs and have to proof your existence....hahaha. (Sorryyyyy...I am just joking.)

    I agree with Estanis. I love this posture on the bed, too...just barefoot.

  • Lol Mish...!! My favourite posture in hotel rooms also :D   Just barefoot.

  • Evangelina

    Whenever we go somewhere out of our city/state for vacation we stay at hotels, though we do have some other relatives there and do visit them before or after visiting our places of entertainment.  

    Thanks for liking my pictures.

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