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Rainy day

A beautiful rainy morning.
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  • wo xihuan Junyu Le, thanks for pressing the like button.

  • wo ai ni, Junyu Li, xia xia! Thanks for pressing the like button.

  • I am so interested in the blue storey inside the building,  It looked like some red paper(or something else) was pasted on the doorway? 

    It's a bit like "春联"(chun lian) in my country.


    • wo tongee ni de kanfa, Juynu Li. I really agree with you. Sorry for my late reply. Thank you.

    • Junyu Li, wo xihuan Zhonghua. I like your country and I hope I can speak half of what you speak. The Chinese language is becoming more and more important nowadays. Thanks for your nice comment.

      • Oh yeah, thank you so much!

  • It's so cool, I can see a clean street, the blue car is cute, I like blue colors, blue sky, blue sea......


  • Where is that building? 

    Did you take that photo? 

    I can smell the rain

  • nice view ^_^

    • Karena kamu baik, Haya! Thanks for your nice comment.

This reply was deleted.