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  • for your kindness, thanks a lot!

  • Indeed there is something sad in it, but yes- the tree is big, very old and strong. About the card-for me it will be a big plesure! Take it as a gift : )

  • hello zara, thanks for explain it to me, great!
    you know that this photo has told a lot to me about its sadness and joy but ...
    it's strong tree, isn't it?

    I love this pic, may I use this pic to create a nice card for me? thanks!

  • Well...I'm sorry, but I really have no idea what is it. I asked my parents, but they don't know the name of it either. It's very common in my hood. I took the picture this autumn and this round things are the fruits. They are very little and the pigeons like to eat them :D This is my view from mu bedroom window. Once I saw them untill I was working at the computer and just decide to take a picture.
    Thank you for your comment. I'm glad you liked it : )
  • I love this pic, dear Zara
    could you explain about this tree? it expects your help ...

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