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Quail Eggs Balado

I just can't help watching it's color. It made me mouthwatering.

I share the ingredients if you like to try. ^^

Potatos, Carrots, Quail Eggs, Onions, Garlics, Candlenut, Big and Small Chiles, Lime leaves, Salt, Sugar, Soy Sauce, and Water.

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  • Saya suka hidangan itu. I like that dish. Mod. Onee, do you know how to cook? 

  • the taste starts with  the exquisite blends  of  clour  and aroma :)

  • Saya suka jugga, mod. Onee. Thanks for sharing. 

    • Thank you for your comment, Teacher Dara. :)

  • Looks delicious! No eggs for me, please... When shall I be ready for dinner? ;)

    • Okay, okay, NotAClue.

      Have you ever known this? This is from soybean.


      This is how it can be cooked.



      Related image

      And this is my favourite.



      I hope you enjoy it. ^^

      • Thx Onee!! But... LOL after living so long as vegetarian and a few years as vegan... yeah, I do know tempeh. ;)

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