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Princess in the Jungle

She is my niece. She's wearing a crown made of dried leaves. The plant on her left side is Aglonema pictum. :)
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  • She is a true princess!!!! :D

    Who made that crown?

    And yes, I think we also have such plants in Ukraine :) But maybe they are just imported from somewhere.

    Thank you for sharing this picture, Onee! Your niece is beautiful! :)

  • Again the beautiful smile!

  • Abiba, it's not doll...hehehe.... Thank you for the like and the cute comment. ^^

  • Yes, Nimzaf bro. They are so cute and beautiful. Thanks for your nice comment. :)

  • Beautiful,really like a princess.She looks like Aaqilah.
  • Thanks for the wishes, Ameur. ....and thank you for liking the picture, Elen. :)

  • Angel,Allah bless her.

  • Thank you, Evangelina ... I'll convey your compliment to her mother :))

  • Thanks for your comment, Inna. :)

    Its name is "Beras Tumpah" (spilled rice).

    Latin name is Aglaonema pictum. You can search more information in google. :))

  • Cute girl! But my attention was caught by the leaves of the plant to the right. Do you know its name? It looks very much like a plant that people grow indoors in my country.

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