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My postcard

Design the postcard is one of my hobbies. What's your hobby?

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  • Simple but profoundly beautiful. Good job!

  • Thank you! Adriano Martelli , dara gino 

  • Hello Nadiyah ; Welcome back ..Do you recall me ?.. Nice hobby , Nice job. Congratulations .

  • Saya suka kartu pos kmau, Nadiyah. I like that card. Thanks for sharing.

  • I take the photos but so far none have been used for postcards

    • It's just for fun! My german friend sent a stunning pic. 

      You can create them for yourself, special friends or the others. Come on to show me up your own postcards. In Canva there a lot of free photos are available for you. 

      Design and put your words on them. :-)

      • I have more than enough photos.  I have made calendars before and could make postcards.  My friend in China used to make postcards also using some of her phone photos.

        • I challange you to create your own postcards :-)

          • Maybe I'll do Christmas Cards since the US sends Christmas Cards.  I have made Calendars and am thinking of doing that again.  

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