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playing game on street

playing game on street
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  • Thank you Dreamy ! I'm learning it now. I have downloaded it in my Laptop and I started learning :). WOW it really needs minds to be working ! But I love it very much !

    I am still so bignner :(

  • it called Chess
  • oh Poor Skoony ;( Oh let me cry please ;( AAAAAAAh ;(

    But dreamy, do you know its name in English ?? I'll search about how to play it through internet and then I'll teach you. But of course, I will be the winner at the end :P

  • skoony i am not smart in thi_s gamei cant teach u :(

    Fe : this photo was taken on Dream Land ;)

  • Oh I love this game even though I had not played it. Is there anyone could teach me this game? I got the feeling that this game is only for smart people and it needs some mental effort to spend. I like to use my mind on these kind of things to extend the limitation of minds.
  • Where was this photo taken?
  • Monika , eventhough it was -2° and the girl was standing and playing with people i was surprised !!

    Dear karnina after our conversation i wrote a blog about my cousine that i find on facebook than i remembered that nadyah has invited me to week end challenge photo so i decided to take a round on the city (even i dont like to walk alone , I wish next year my soulmate will be with me :)

    It 's fantastic decorated by light evrywhere I realy enjoy it at -2° , is it enough description :D

  • wow,an unusual place to play chess:)

  • lol nadyah that girl was speaking english and asked me to play but i am not smart in that game so i said no even she was pretty girl and has brillant blue eyes  :p

  • Wow ... interesting photo, dreamer!
    did you take part on this game after you took this photo?

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