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Pizza with honey

The pizza is eaten or rather mixed usually with salt. But I added honey to it.
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  • Pan. mera Hindi bilkul acha nahi hain, isli ap nahi samja. I hope to learn more from you soon.

  • Bahut bahut shukriya Pancaj! How can I say in Panjabi, I like my friend, Pankaj? Why don't you visit my page again and see Internet Marriage and give me your point of view about it? Many many thanks! 

  •  i cant understand wat u say dara 

    please repeat again 

  • Serene, merci beaucoup pour ton comentaire. Thanks, Serene!

  • dara eat good and feel good if you feel then your future good

  • Honey with Pizza, a rare combination! but sounds great.

  • Sach Agrawal bola eyesa. Main nahi pata, lakin koi cheez agar jank phood aur acha phood, main sub kata. Good for you Pankaj Verma. I like that. you be like my friend Sach. Hehe, thanks again for your nice tip.

  • dara , actually am daily go for walk and workout in the gym so that why i dont eat junk food 

  • Asante sana Komala! Hehe, pas de quoi mon amour! you deserve more than that my lovely lady. Thanks for your nice tasting. 

  • Pizza with honey sounds very strange to me.. in fact, the first time i ever ate pizza was at a restaurant in Liberia, and it tasted very nice lol and i wish to keep visiting that restaurant. But it's a little costly... however, dara got my mouth watering.. please try to send me some of these for lunch..

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