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Pizza with honey

The pizza is eaten or rather mixed usually with salt. But I added honey to it.
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  • Hehe, de nada! Eu estou bem, amigo Edjerson. I like the Brazilian football team very much. I cried when Germany beat us in the last world cup. I was relieved when we beat them by the penalty kicks out on the Olympic games. 

  • Hehehe please sen me now. Have a good meal friend.

  • Muito obrigado meu amigo Edjerson. I will send two for you, don't worry, hehe!

  • Hey man, I really hungry now. Don´t do this with me, you´re so mean heheh Did you prepare this table?

  • Ap ka matlab spicy ana, Pankaj? Jee, bahut garam lakin main kaya shahad ke sat. I ate that pizza with honey on that nigh. Thanks for commenting Pan.

  • it is so spiece

  • Teeaka assay! I will send one for you some day. Thanks again, RK!

  • Asante sana Molemane! it was made for dinner. Thanks for your nice words, Mole.

  • Oh thanks am not used to that one with sugar,I like something meaty.Was this your breakfast? great I think!!

  • Isli main bola, cheeni aur shahad lakta acha nahi hain. That is why I am wondering whether it is good with sugar or honey? Thanks for your prompt comment, Mr. Mishaikh!

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