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Picturing Word : Piercing

This cat has beautiful piercing eyes.Piercing can be noun and adjective.Noun : holes in parts of the body, typically other than the ears, made so as to wear rings, studs, or other jewellery in them.Adjective : having or showing shrewdness or keen intelligence.
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  • Onee-chan, curiosity kills a cat. :( :( :(  :-P

  • She's curious about the camera you're holding.. 

  • Selfie !! 

  • :D :D :D If she's wearing a pair of sunglasses, she can't show off her piercing eyes. :D :D

  • Oh, it's the cat's meow! Perhaps she/he needs a pair of sunglasses to protect her/his eyes. :D

  • Hmm .. are you trying to say that you're a cat too, Luci? LOL. Thanks for the compliment. :D

  • Ehm, don't want to show off but I have also such green eyes :p nice pic, noas!
  • Barbare, because sleepy cat is more fun. Cat with piercing eyes is too fierce. LOL

  • It's stalking you, Fizzy! SO! Be careful. LOL

  • on the hunt

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