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We plant what we eat. YES. This is my father's rice field. I don't know for sure how wide the area owned by my father. :D I only know how to eat. :pSure we also sell the harvest in the form of rice. The harvest time is twice a year.Unfortunately, I live in the city now. ^^
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  • Are there many spiders on that field????

    Oh, then noooooooooo! :D

  • Definitely, Mishaikh. :)

    Thank you for commenting.

  • Really, Roman? Really down to earth....but what about cute spiders?? : DD

  • This view is good for eyes.

  • I don't care about muddy:) Sometimes it is useful and interesting to be muddy!
  • Thank you, Roman.

    This kind of grass will make your feet muddy if you step on them. ^_^

    Thanks a lot for visiting my gallery. :)
  • I like it so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like green monotonous grass!!!!!! Thank you for sharing!!!
  • Hi Anxa,

    Thank you for your nice comment and like. :) Yeah, we feel blessed as we can see the beautiful land and feel the benefit of that. 

  • Dear friends,

    It's hard for me to go online these days... I miss you all.... :((

    Coral dear, you don't like flies. Sure, so do I. :D

    Laboni, you're right. The color will change to golden. And at the moment, many smiles from peasants. ^_^

    My dear Saba, I can feel it, too. Seeing green will give us good feeling, I never know why... ^^

    Thank you all for your precious comments and likes. ^_^ Happy Tuesday! ^_^

  • Beautiful scenery!

    It gives me good feeling.

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