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Photo Challenge: Old Stuff "Payphone"

I saw this payphone still hang on the wall in campus area. You should insert a coin to call someone. But, one coin is not enough to contact cellular number. Not many relatives still use home phone. So, no body use it nowadays. Look! Even there is a signature on the payphone. :DIs payphone still used in your place?Did you see any other old stuffs in your place? I'm expecting you share them in this photo challenge with a brief description. Hope you like it. ^_^=== Note: PLEASE read also my correction in my reply to AG. :D ===Thank you so much and Have an awesome month! ^_^There is another payphone photo from Grace in the comment. ^_^
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  • Hello Mr. Joe,

    Thank you for liking my photo. ^^

  • Okay! ^_^

  • xD

    That was a good time!

    But yes, I don't want to stay there again :D

  • Lol...., Roman! :D

    Good to know that. I hope you don't wish to stay there anymore, though. ^_^

  • You are right, Onee! :)

    I enjoyed staying in a clinic. It was new experience for me. ^_^

  • What??? NotAClue. Did you count them or something? *kidding :D 746 payphones is wow in this time.

    Yeah, I realize it. It is probably not only because of one cannot handle, but it is probably more about not having any interest. Maybe one day a mobile phone is as tiny as a fly :D and I will feel more comfortable with the technology in my era. ^^

    It's very grateful to have a good country which still provides a free call for its citizen. So many thanks for sharing this, though unfortunately you were not able to take a pic of them. ^_^

  • Sure, you should, Roman. Experience is the best teacher. ^_^

    But, I don't know why I think you enjoyed that biting. :D :D *kidding. I wonder if it left any scar on your body. :)

  • I will be more careful, Onee!

    Thank you!

  • Oh My God! :| 

    So, the story was true... Take care of you, Roman. Be careful more next time. 

  • I was bitten by a squirrel in the village forest :)

This reply was deleted.