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Former tag: beach (by Anna)
My tag: water

Idiom: Choppy waters

Meaning: troublesome, difficult, or uncertain times. This idiom is usually used when someone or something has difficult times ahead. We can face, head into, sail into or prepare for choppy waters.

Example: Always be strong to face choppy waters in life. They often test your patience and intelligence.

Feel free to continue my tag "water". Here's the details of Grace's challenge. :)

Photo was taken by me, on December 31st, 2017. I walked that far just to enjoy the water and take this pic. :))

Thank you for visiting my gallery. Have a nice Sunday! ^_^

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  • What a picnic spot.  But too much crowd may make water polluted. Anyway who cares while enjoying. I always get rashes whenever go into such water.  Didn't go since long.

  • Thank you, Nadiyah.

    I regret one thing. The sky was not so clear to make my shot brighter. :D It was cloudy but very hot.

    I think....nothing is quicker than 'in no time' hehe... I'm glad you found it useful. ^^

    So many thanks for your precious comment. ^_^

  • Wow! Love this shot with great caption!

    I'm not sure if my English will improve but by your photo challenge will be in less than no time ;-)

    Note :

    (... I do not know if I used the Idioms (in no time) correctly ... ) LOL

  • Welcome, Grace. ^_^

  • I just checked Oporazita's photo. Thank you, Onee! :)

  • Here's the next tag by Oporazita. :)

  • Dear Grace,

    I remember that you said any challenge has no deadline. :D And last time, Mishaikh and Roman commented on my picture on this challenge. That gave me an idea to continue... ^^

    Oh, Grace. If you know, it was cloudy but so hot there. But, no body wanted to end their playing, including me. :D

    Thank you so much for liking this pic. Good day, Grace! ^_^

  • Dear Roman,

    You can participate anytime in this Grace's challenge. You can read Grace's blog again to find another chains.

    Many thanks for commenting and like. I've just known this idiom, too. )))

    Good day! ^_^

  • Well done, Onee!! I was surprised the chain can be connected again after two years. :D   People seem to be fond of playing water especially in the summertime. I love it, too! Thank you for sharing the idiom and hope to see who would connect your tag with a photo that is related to "water". Before getting started, please read Onee's link above of how to participate in it. :)  

  • Hi Onee!

    Nice challenge! And nice idiom! I didn't know it.

    But I got it's meaning.

    Thank you, Onee! ^_^

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