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Photo Challenge: My Thoughts, My Photo

The sounds of splashing water, gives calm to the heart.

The view of swimming fish, streches lips to make a smile.

And this blue color ... ... ...

How can I ignore this?

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  • very soothing colors and design... very inspiring words as well :) 

    • It's nice to read your comment, AG. I like the design, too.

      Many thanks. Good day! :)

  • terima kasih kembali mod. Onee. You are most welcome. Please, extend my regards to your respected family. 

    • Sure, Teacher Dara. I will. Good day! :)

  • "The water is inviting me to jump off into it and be like a koi fish for just a little while...'  :) Good job, Onee! I love the reflection of blue in the water caused by the lights. It's really calming! Thank you very much for participating! I truly appreciate it!

    • Yes, Robbie.

      Actually, I wanted to add something related to the blue color, but failed to think about it. :D

      Wjumhat I have written there is true. I couldn't ignore that moment. 

      My pleasure, Robbie. Please don't take it too long swimming like koi fish in the water. :)))

      Thank you for your appreciation. Good day!

      • You're welcome, Onee! I'll bear that in mind... :)


  • Saya suka ikan dan air anda mod. Onee. I really like that view very much. I hope to visit your beautiful country one day to enjoy the beauty of nature. Thanks for sharing that challenging and beautiful topic. 

    • Hello Teacher Dara,

      Many thanks for your first comment and nice words.

      Have a beautiful day! :)

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