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Photo Challenge: My Shoes

Hello!!It has been a long while since the last photo challenge. This time we'd like to invite you to talk about your shoes. How many pairs of shoes do you own so far? I believe the answer would be more than one or even more. Maybe they are boots, sandals, athletic shoes, etc. Do you wear the same shoes every day? Why did you buy the shoes? Please post the pair of shoes that you like the most, dislike, or whatever. Here are some tips to get you started.1. Take a photo of your shoes. (It is okay in case you choose to photo family's shoes.)2. Upload it on our photo gallery.3. Use the title Photo Challenge: My Shoes4. Describe why you like the shoes or what you have done or experienced with them. If you know what type of the shoes is in English, such as canvas shoes, flip-flops and so on, let us know. It would be great we could also learn something new from your shoes photo.5. Each photo must be your own photo. Do NOT upload copied photos from the Internet. These will NOT be approved.Here is my example.My slip-on shoes had traveled with me to many places thanks to the flexible sole. A good pair of shoes is like a good partner, but uncomfortable shoes may like a torture. My little toenail was ever broken as I wore a brand-new leather shoes to attend an exhibition. I think the problem was not the shoes, but me who should not have worn them for long distance walking. :(OK, now it's your move. :)
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  • Xie xie mod. Grace. I like the shoes but I am afraid of cats. Thanks for sharing.

  • @Onee & Luci   Thank you.  I can't wait to see what your shoes are and how you will present them in a special way, maybe. :)   Btw, my cat had no choice as I needed a supporting role for the photo. She was obliged to be there. :P  

  • Wooow Grace!!! What a cool and interesting idea!!! Love it and haha your cat is so obediently taking care of your cool blue shoes :p awesome picture ;) will try to participate tooo...
  • Nice shoes and it seems to be comfortable shoes.

    And the cat made it perfect. :D

    I think I have shoes photo collection. Lol... Interesting challenge! I'll try to participate. :)
  • Thank you for all of your comments and liking the photo. You all are welcome to join in the challenge anytime! 

    @Ella  With pleasure!  Look forward to having your entry! :)

    @Zoe  Thanks! Good to know you like wearing high heel boots! Indeed, it could help create different appearance. I seldom wore high heel shoes, only when I attended friends' wedding party I'd try to "abuse" my feet. :D

    @Mary  Glad to see you, too!  LOL, Agree with you that their feet are more cute than humans. They don't need to worry what to wear, only their natural feet still look adorable. :)


    @Kal  Thank you! I will, and hope you have a happy weekend! 

  • Nice challenge dear Grace!

    Have a nice journey with your shoes.!
  • Grace! Nice to see you here again with a new cool challenge :)

    cute shoes! But your cat is looking like saying: Why the hell humans need to put ridiculous things like these in their feet? ... probably 'cause their feet are ugly and not as cute as felines' feet :3 

    Thanks for sharing! ^_^

  • My favorite shoes is high heel boots. Since I am not tall, I like the feeling of high
    Good job, Grace! The topic is interesting!
  • thanks for interesting challenge, grace.. :)

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