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Grace´s Photo Challenge: My Shoes.

These two pairs of shoes are at the moment my favorite ones.I just have to own one pair of white sneakers or ballerinas. White shoes often gets easily dirty so I have to choose carefully which days to wear them, mostly on non rainy days and on days where I don’t have to walk much, means driving instead :)The golden pair, I wear on days where I have to act outstanding - LoL - Well, I guess that can be interpreted in many different ways. There is a proverb, something like shoe make people, and I actually believe in it, wearing some kind of footwear that makes one feel good, that is special.Thank you Grace, for posting this amazing photo challenge and so sorry for my this late entry.MyEC people, thank you for having a look.:)
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  • Hello Elen,

    That Sounds very cozy, I can interpret from your comment that you tend to do that, and it sounds nice and comfortable though I must say I do not use them for any fitness purpose at all :))

    About the golden shoes, yes you are right, but I can tell you without bragging, I actually always get compliments when I have them on, it looks good with jeans, something a bit unusual.

    Thank you very much for your so nice comment :)

  • :))

  • Ohh, these sneakers seem so much comfortable! It is nice to wear them with sports clothes and to go for coffee. So comfortable feeling :D

    The other shoes have something from the East. I would find it difficult to compine them with clothes because of the gold color. They are beautiful and unique, anyway :)

  • Omg:)))))) Ammm... Thank you Evangelina!:) Thank you!!!!!! I didn't expect it:D

    Have a wonderful weekend!:)

  • As I Like Smiles On Faces. I like to see happy smiles on faces.


    Just because of this “ :( “ ... Here is photo please, with a little bit of effort and real flowers. Now imagine, I went out to buy them just because of sad smiley :)))


    Happy smiling weekend everyone :)

  • Hello ELF,

    Thank you so much for liking photo :)

  • Hello Onee,

    Thank you so much for appreciating :)

  • Hello my always so sweet Kal,

    You are a sharp observer, it is right I use a sho size in the smaller scale, even it may not look like so from picture.

    I think those golden shoes reminds people of fairytales somehow or something like that.

    Thank you so much for your just as beautiful comment :)

  • Hmmm... I have just imagined that :DDDDDD

    Ah, thank you for showing those flowers! They are beautiful, but I am afraid they are artificial:(

  • Hello Estanis,

    Thank you so much :)

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