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Photo Challenge: My Shoes

To be Honest, when I first saw the challenge, I thought in my mind that What the hell was that!!!It felt both crazy and funny, But..It happened yesterday That I was on the beach with family, and for sheer coincidence, I was taking a photograph and I noticed that my shoes were shown in the photo. Then I remembered the photo challenge and said to myself.. Why not to take a picture of my shoes with the beach in the background :D :D, it would be crazier, wouldn't it?AS to the challenge, I can say that I like this style of shoes so much.. Although, I have three other styles, but I don't wear any of them almost.. The reason is.. I find these shoes very light, cozy, suitable for heavy duty and long-wearing term.. They are neither sport shoes nor formal ones.. but rather they are something in between to make it going with both styles.. Now, if anybody of you feels convinced of them, I can make him/her a good discount :D :P
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  • Loooooooooool, you are really very funny Guys... A romantic scene from Titanic, and 100% female, because females are always right :D 

    OMG, Thank God, I didn't capture the photo when one of then was entering inside the other :D

    I think I have to try it at home to know which gender is which :D 

    Btw,Onee.. you are right, they are 45 indeed :D 

  • LOL....The right one is female because some people say 'woman is always right' :D :D

    AG, if your biggest toe cannot fit my shoes, then the size of these shoes must be about 45. :)))) :D

  • Hi Lucinka! I think, right one is 100% a female. And on this picture they are trying to imitate that famous scene from the movie "Titanic".
  • Grrr... trying to recognize the gender -_- right one ain't fully captured :/ maybe Roman specialist can tell us...who is who :D
  • Onee, 

    Lol, I haven't even thought that they are couple :D This is really so funny :D Now, I can imagine the romantic status better :D 

  • Agree with Roman. 

    A 'couple' of shoes enjoying the beach. So romantic. LOL...

  • Lucky shoes, no need to change their owner :)
  • LOL...^^

  • lol, Romanic as Roman Says, Noor :P 

  • what a picture...
    shoes with attractive background...:x
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