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Photo Challenge: My Shoes

Hello!!It has been a long while since the last photo challenge. This time we'd like to invite you to talk about your shoes. How many pairs of shoes do you own so far? I believe the answer would be more than one or even more. Maybe they are boots, sandals, athletic shoes, etc. Do you wear the same shoes every day? Why did you buy the shoes? Please post the pair of shoes that you like the most, dislike, or whatever. Here are some tips to get you started.1. Take a photo of your shoes. (It is okay in case you choose to photo family's shoes.)2. Upload it on our photo gallery.3. Use the title Photo Challenge: My Shoes4. Describe why you like the shoes or what you have done or experienced with them. If you know what type of the shoes is in English, such as canvas shoes, flip-flops and so on, let us know. It would be great we could also learn something new from your shoes photo.5. Each photo must be your own photo. Do NOT upload copied photos from the Internet. These will NOT be approved.Here is my example.My slip-on shoes had traveled with me to many places thanks to the flexible sole. A good pair of shoes is like a good partner, but uncomfortable shoes may like a torture. My little toenail was ever broken as I wore a brand-new leather shoes to attend an exhibition. I think the problem was not the shoes, but me who should not have worn them for long distance walking. :(OK, now it's your move. :)
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  • Hello dear Nadiyah )))  Thank you! Gald to see you back home!!  She is my adopted cat named Kitty. I think no one could steal my shoes as she sometimes like to sleep direct on them. haa..

    Hope you could join with us in the fun again on MyEC! 

  • Sweet! your cat keeps his eyes on yours! I think he worries someone will steal the pair of your shoes :-)

    Great photo challenge! I am back, Grace ...

  • @Eva   Thank you for the lovely comment. :)   Yes, my cat, Kitty, was on duty that day. LOL Somehow, I feel she is like a dog rather than a cat at all. :D

  • Grace,

    A great photo challenge <3

    Your shoes looks very comfortable and cozy and those hearts symbolize that their owner is a heartwarming person :)

    I really like the very attentive way your cat is watching out, God safe the one how dares to even come close :)

  • Nice piece* of shoes

  • Hahahah:) Nice cake shoes! Thank you too!

  • @Dara   With pleasure! Would you like to join us?  :)

    @Elen    Exactly, they are comfortable and easy to put on and take off.  Hope to see your entry very soon!

    @Roman  Yes. Thanks for the amazing shoes photo! :D  At first glance at it without reading the description, I thought it might be the shoes made by sugar cake like this. lol..  

    For those shoes behind, they are sandals that I usually wear in summer or sometimes are double as my rain shoes if rain is not heavy enough. :)

    Air Jordan Retro 5 Sneaker Cake | From | Air jordans, Jordan cake, Shoe cakes
    Air Jordan Retro 5 Sneaker Cake
  • This is a picture of my shoes:)

    Grace's Photo Challenge: My Shoes "Good Shoes!"
    Thank you Grace for making me to wash up my shoes:) Now they are so clean that I can put them on the table with the flowers, cake and lemon! This is…
  • Hi Grace! I like that cat very much!!!! Omg, he is so cute... He just lying there and watching, what are you doing!

    I will participate later.

    Your shoes are simple and nice!

    Btw, what about those shoes on the background? Why didn't you make a picture with them?:)

  • This is one of the kind of shoes that I wear before and after summer. Very comfortable. I see some other pairs also in the background. One of them high heels. Nice challenge, Grace. I will surely participate in.
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