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Photo Challenge: My Mustang Shoes

Okay, I don't wear sneakers all the time... Sometimes I even dress 'nicely' XDThese wedge heel shoes make me 8cm taller, yay! And even if they look cute, I wear them when I wanna get a 'cool rock'n'roll bad-girl' style! *awyeah!* :P
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  • Thanks Onee! :)

    @Estanis, "Salomon" sneakers? like the King? Yeah okay, they fit you :P

    Btw you could also add pics with the tablet before too...

  • Good! I just wanted to try this new option.

    now I can upload pics here with my tablet haha...

  • My pantuflas...


    ... they're not new anymore but I got attached to them since they're very comfortable for exercise :)

  • Awww!!! MARY with girly shoes. ^^ Nice, cute, and lovely!

    Keep rock and roll! I was like that. ^^

  • Thanks Estanis!

    Btw, why don't you join the challenge? I'd like to see your 'pantuflas' :D

  • Ohh Mustang follower :D

    I'm not expert at female footwear but they look elegant.
  • Luci, yup they are very comfy. They've a wedge heel kind; I didn't like that much that kind of heel before but now I do because it's really comfortable even if they are high. It's similar to this:


    Roman, 8cm it's more than okay... I don't wanna feel like walkin' on stilts, my sense of balance is not that good ¬¬

    Elen, I bought them like 2 years ago or so and my memory deleted all the info about it, but the one that they are mustang shoes (spanish brand)  I don't wear heels often either but as I said in my reply to Luci, the wedge heel is very comfortable, no matter if is high.

    Thank you all for dropping by!

  • Ohhh, lovely cute shoes! Love them! Mary, give some info, where did you buy them from? There are still Blak Friday discounts, maybe I can buy them :D
    I also don't wear heels often because I find a little difficult to walk on them. I agree with Roman, I would like to see them from the other side!
  • 8 cm is not so much:)

    Btw why did not you make a photo in profile, so we can see those white heels from the side view?

    Cute picture! Thank you for sharing MARY!

    Btw, what are they standing on? Do you have a monotonous white floor? :P

  • Ellegant and comfortable - 2 in 1 :p is there a small heel or not, ha? I love this decoration around which makes them more noble :p great taste.. would buy them too :p
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