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Photo Challenge: My Hobby

This is a dark purple velvet cake which I prepared as my gift to the most important woman in my life.Some of you have already noticed that I love baking. There's something in it that draws my attention. In addition, it's always a challenge preparing a cake because it involves some key preparation, time and a dash of imagination. I could alter the ingredients of the recipe to tailorfit according to the recipient's taste and diet.I usually try to make one as simple as possible because I'm not an expert yet. Besides, it would be uncomfortable to spend forever and a day in the kitchen. But in the end, it's the thought that counts that really matters. And the receiver's 'wow' comment might be an icing of the cake.Here's another idiom about cake.a cakewalk- it means something that it's very easy to doFor examples1. Risty's artwork presentation in Paris was a cakewalk. In addition, a lot of her fans enjoyed their selfies with their idol.2. Eva won the cycling race in Athens. The competition was a cakewalk for her since she spent a lot of time practicing.Are there any cake idioms you'd like to share below?
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  • Hello, Ann!

    You made me smile! It's always exciting to learn something new when it comes to baking or cooking. I choose to be optimistic especially if I'd like to try a new recipe. With patience, your husband would be able to prepare something that you'd also be proud of.

    Thank you for the compliment and welcome back!


    Robbie :)

  • Hi, Onee!

    I don't think I can compete with Senior Estanis! He's the boss he he! But it's nice to hear the term 'master chef'. I'd love to be an expert cook in my own kitchen. :) Sorry, I missed your comment.

    Wishing you a sweet December!

    Robbie :)

  • Wow wow wow. Oh, you are so good. My husband like to bake to but he can't make a cake like you. Seeing Your cake makes me want to tell my husband to bake. It is so good when we succeed in doing something.
  • Robbie,, You aren't going to compete with Estanis, are you?? :D :D

    I think you're very good at this. I saw the cake you made so often here. Oh, hats off to the master chef. :))

  • I couldn't agree more, Estanis! Mary is such a people person. She could handle all the customers' queries he he. :)

  • Mary can be the públic relations assistant, I bet she'll enjoy chatting with everyone to sell the cakes.
  • A bunch of thanks Grace, NotAClue, Sny, Adaline, Evangelina, Risty, Jade, Luci, Kal, Serene, Pearl, Elen and Shoba! :) 

  • Hola amigo Estanis! 

    You could be the senior boss because you have lots of experience already. It's gonna be a humbling experience for me to work with an expert bakeshop owner he he. By the way, I guess homemade cakes are delicious because they are prepared with utmost cleanliness.

    Thank you for dropping by!



  • Hola mi amiga Mary (hello my friend)!

    Thank you so much for the suggestion! That's a clever idea. So it might be

    E.C. Bakeshop is now open to serve you with hundreds of branches all over the world. Please make your orders now. :)

    And Mary, what's your role in the bakeshop? 

  • "made with love"? uhm yeah well... But better use also some food-ingredients.

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