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Photo Challenge: My Emotional Friend

I stepped into her page, knowing she was waiting for me; left a comment, still sleepy and hungry like I hadn't been eating for ages. This reminded me of her. I knew I would listen to her, but she was so emotional... I was confined in her page full of entangled thoughts, needed to hurry. Then she appeared, caught me still carrying the bloodied knife; my confused expression on my face looking at the knife which I was using to make sushi for her!
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  • There must be something wrong with you Anele! hehe...

    It directly leads me to this photo....

    And.... Thanks for your compliments Anele and Nida! :)


    @ Anele, url matches with the photo!!

  • Nice!

    you're a great designer, Yasemin!

  • @ Tara, thanks dear Tara. I used Photoshop for this desing, just merging photos to each other. It is very easy.

    @ Karenina, thanks for liking it. ^^

  • @ Junko-chan, I think you will make me sushi very soon! haha D:

    @ Nadiyah, thank you very much for this great challenge and for your liking. :)

  • Beautiful! Please share your design secrets. Your words are so poetic!  I couldn't agree with you more about Junko. 

  • A beautiful design! You're lucky, Junko Jan :) Thank you for sharing your talent, Yase Jan :)

    Now I know about Junko's personalities, hehe

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