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Photo Challenge: Look Up

Hi everyone,You may have noticed that people nowadays like to look down at their mobile phones here and there, for example. I would like to invite you to join this challenge to remind each other to look up sometimes! There are so much to capture when we go outdoors, such as clouds, birds, trees, buildings, etc. Use the title "Photo Challenge: Look Up". You may like to tell us about some information about the scene, and each photo must be your own photo.------------------------------------------------------------This was taken when I was on the way to my classmate's guava farm, where it is a rural county that can be found so many fruit farms along the country roads. Thanks to the sunny day, I could run across "the poodle".I hope you all to have a good day and look forward to seeing your participation.
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  • @ Zoe  Thank you for asking! It is simple to do. You can just take a photo of something outdoors that meets the subject, uploading it into our photo gallery( The photo then will be published after our approval. We hope to have your  participation soon. 

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  • So nice photo and interesting challenge.

    I'll be participating dear Grace,

  • Hi Grace, your challenge sounds interesting! How can I join it?

  • @ Dara  My pleasure! You are welcome to join the challenge! 

    @ Luci   I don't mind at all if you met UFO! LOL  Let's see what you would catch.

    @ Adaline  You have a creative imagination! Looking the change of clouds has so much fun! I can't wait to see your entry! :)

  • Lovely challenge dear Grace!

    I am in.

    The clouds in your lovely photo look like an Unicorn is int

    Thank you!

  • Yupeeeee, thanx for such great idea and super duper challenge, dear Grace, I will definately participate :-) Firstly, I will have to go outside and let's see what will be up there... UFO? :-D

  • Xie xie mod Grace! My tongue is tied, I cannot say anything. God's creation! 

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