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Photo Challenge : Look Up

So there is an underground way for people to switch from train station to busway shelter and to another side of the road in 'Kota Tua' -old city, Jakarta. In the meeting point of the crossroads, there is a public space like you see under the umbrellas. While I was passing by to get my busway from station, I didn't look up and failed to see those umbrellas from below. Before I entered the shelter, I saw many people taking picture and then I saw this view.
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  • I think so,. and unfortunately those are no longer there. thanks for the comment^^

  • Great shot and caption. Maybe you need more time to look up the beautiful and colourfull umbrellas.
  • Sure you can, Mr. Abdul Ghafur,. Just look up while you are roaming around xD
  • Hehe... Risty!! I wish as lively as in Dubai, lol xD
  • Yes Eva,. If i wasn't in hurry, I would love to stay there longer. But that place is very crowded indeed xD.
    Seems like everybody likes to stay there..
  • I am happy you like it Dear Kal^^
    It was almost a coincidence that I took it xD
  • :|

    I wish I can find similar ceiling around so I can capture it :|

  • Looks very lively!

  • So nice you capture dear!I like it.

  • Thank you Grace for featuring the picture. Few years ago I had been passing by that way almost everyday until I got my bike and been using that since then. At that time that place was not as good as now. That's why when I recently used it after using the train from another city, I was surprised to see that beautiful view -my camera didn't depict it well, lol-
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