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Photo Challenge: Look up

Here the devil comes! :-D either you can see his burning fingers or burning head! Does anybody see sth else? :-)
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  • I see the first 0.01 second of the nuke. 1 second later there would be greater flashing nuke that overcome sun shining and the shake of the earth.

  • Stop kidding with me, guys -_- 

    I can't see other than ceilings when I look up.. what do you want me to capture for you now!!!

  • A dancing lady wearing a hue of orange and white, the movement looks overflowing..

  • It looks like, Godzilla's alter ego- the smog monster! Beware, it wreaks pollution. :P

  • Seem to a dragon blowing fire.A beautiful capture dear Luci!

  • Wow! Fiery head! Nice imagination!

    Good catch Luci!

    Well Done! Thanks for sharing!

  • Yes, I see it like a flying crocodile! It might catch a cold, but I like its pink nose. :D

    Good job, Luci! Thanks a lot for joining in the challenge as usual. :)

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