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:D :D This is not in my garden, but we are permitted to eat this guava anytime. ^^How lucky I am! ^_^
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  • Ok, Onee!

    I am catching carefully! ^_^

    Thank you!

  • Dear Teacher Dara,

    Thank you for your nice comment. :)

    Dear Roman,

    I'm sending you this another planet fruit right now. Please catch it properly... ^^ D

  • Thank you for explanation, Onee! :)

  • Istri saya suka jwava banyak. Dya makan nya setiap minggu. I like juava too. I use it when I have troubles in my stomach. Thanks for sharing mod. Onee.

  • Roman,

    Are you serious you just know this fruit? I thought this is common fruit.

    Sure, I hope you can taste it soooooooon...! Btw, the white one is very good regardless our stomach condition.

    The guava I took was like this one. It's sweet and pleasant. :)

    Related image

    Thanks a lot for your comment. ^_^

  • Mishaikh,

    Thanks for telling me anther word of guava in your language. AMROOD sounds great.:)

    Lol.... It digests the food, but it takes time to be digested itself. It seeds do not digest. I really like the description you made. :D

    Btw, we need to eat the seeds also for making good with excretion problem, like diarrhea. However, the red and sour one isn't good for my stomach. ^^

    Thank you for your comment.

  • What a fruit from another planet! :)

    I wish I could taste it one day!

    Thank you for sharing, Onee! ^^

  • Guava called AMROOD in Urdu.

    My favourite.  Useful for stomach problem.  It digests the food, but it takes time to be digested itself.  It seeds do not digest.  Care should be taken while eating, seed should not be slip stuck in between the teeth. Because these seeds get hardly rotten, they will get there for long time, may create cavity.

  • Dear Teacher Anxa,, 

    It tastes sweet and a little sour. The texture is like apple but little harder. If we got diarrhea, this fruit can be a good medicine. 

    Thank you so much for visiting my gallery. :)

  • Do not worry, MARY.

    I'll take a kilogram of them for you. ^^

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