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Photo challenge: Dear Tara

"SAM" -my word of the year for 2016.
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  • LOVE! I'll be watching Sam grow up, don't worry! Please continue to post pics and messages about this beautiful puppy!

  • She's shy Eva. I want to get rid of her shyness that I brought her to EC, hihihi!  I am glad that you met her finally.  Thanks for the compliment!

  • Thanks Grace and Miss Vietnam.....

  • ol're here, I should upload my own pic soon. Sure, I will be the most beautiful. I will let you become the second hehehe....

  • Sam's look has melted my heart!! I was wondering if I should have a pet like her.

    Thanks for sharing and being the first participator, teacher Lady Anne! I do hope Tara could come back often when her time is available.

  • I am hopeful that Tara will still be able to see a grown up SAM when she returns in EC.

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