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Hello everyone!I thought "If many people are afraid or shy to post the pictures of themselves, then maybe they will participate in this photo challenge"To participate you just need to:1. Cover your face on the picture with something interesting.2. Post your picture and add "Roman's Photo Challenge" in the name of your picture.I hope more people will not be shy and participate in this challenge.P.S. If more than 10 people participate in this challenge, I will show the original pictures without covering my face, in the comments!Today 17.04.2018 I came to know, that maybe showing the originals of these my pictures is not enough to motivate people to participate in this challenge. That's why I decided to show the original of this my picture: I get 10 or more participants.Good luck! :)
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  • Hi AG!

    Not in, but instead! :P

    And just imagine, how cool it would be if I had a pumpkin instead of my head in real life. I would scare people on Halloween without changing my appearance!

  • Rumi, there is a pumpkin in your head :O 

  • Thank you, Nadiyah!

  • Wow! An interesting photo challenge :-)

  • Thank you Onee! :)

    I wish I had such gardens here!

  • Okay, :D Roman. 

    Honestly, it was a big starfruit garden I visited not long ago. We paid a little price for entering it and we can pick fruit as much as we want as long as we eat them there. lol. If we want more to bring home, we could buy.

    I'm not sure about starfruit bag, if I'm not mistaken, it was for preventing them from caterpillar. Caterpillar really likes them. :D

    I picked two for you.... ))))


    You're welcome. ^_^

  • Hi Onee! :)

    Yes sure, give it to me! :D

    But I wonder why are they covered with those polyethylene bags/packs? Are raindrops bad for them?

    And is it possible just to grab a fruit while walking on the streets?

    Thank you for participation, Onee! ^_^

  • Hi Roman,

    Wanna starfruit?? 


  • This is a picture-participation of Rose Iris Will:

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