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Latin name: Attacus Atlas, a large saturniid moth. It is bigger than your palm. Compare to leaves around it. It even didn't move around when we approached it. It seemed it was lazy to bring its heavy wings. :D

Dear Grace and friends, I'm sorry for the poor quality of the photo. :(:( Probably I was too tired so I failed to catch it well. :D

I also shared a video and another pic in the comment. Thank you for visiting and watching. :)))

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  • Teacher Tanya,

    Thank you so much for visiting my photo collection. Yeah, It's a wonderful creature. When I took this pic, I was indescribably happy to see it. ^^

  • What a wonderful creature! I have never seen such big butterflies! Amazing!

  • Ameur,, 

    Thank you for your appreciation. ^_^

  • Thank you, dear ELF. Did you see the video? :D :D

    No editing here... :D I'm glad you like it. ^_^

  • OMG!BIG butterfly, first time I am seeing this... 

    Is it true.. :x :p OR it is photographer Talent.. ;)

  • AG, C'mon...

    Where on earth did you see a crocodile? :D

    Thank you for your comment and like. ^^

  • Hi Ella,

    Thank you for your comment and like. :)

  • oh my Gosh, it's a crocodile.. can't be a tiny butterfly :X 

  • Eva, LOL.....

    Of course, I can't imagine it happens on me, too. No.....!! :D

    As you see on description I edited above, it is Attacus atlas, you can find some more info about it on Google. Thanks to NotAClue for giving this precious information. ^^

    Thank you so much for your reply. I'm sorry for the delay.... It's not easy for me to comment here at the moment... 

    Cheers! ^^

  • Thank you for your encouragement, my dear Serene. Hugs! ^^

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