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Photo Challenge: A Typing Machine

This machine is already modern but after many years we can find even this one a bit archaic.. we already almost don't use it at work.. It is just there as something prehistorical.. Greetings from my office ;)
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  • On Sunday mornings I always go out for a walk and there is a market stall along the street where a walk where are sold a lot of amazing old, antic stuff. I've also seen there the kind of typing machine you posted and many more. If I remember picturing them I'll take some photos and will share them here. :)

  • Thanks for your comments :p like i said in my description it is "modern" one :D maybe my parents still have the old one I would love to post here.. I m glad to see Grace have sth similar at work tooo :D
  • Aww and old typewriter! how cool! :D 

    But Onee is right, these kind were the 'new generation' of typewriters! haha... Probably the last ones before people started to buy computers. 

    Very cool pic Luci, thanks for sharing! ^_^

  • High-tech era has made many traditional things faded away even if they are still working. We also have one in our office, only it had been sleeping with dust in the storage room for ages. Thank you Luci for sharing and thanks to Onee's challenge, we can recall these memorable stuffs. 


  • Luci,

    Wow! This is also a new generation of typewriter. 8) I think some of people in my country still use it for a certain or secret document. Dunno why.

    Some people still use old stuffs that we shared here, I think. But, we know all that all these stuffs are going to be left. Yes, the proper word is historical. These stuffs would be something historical for the next generation. ^^

    I'm glad that you also shared the photo of old stuff here. Thank you. ^_^

  • Is it for punishment Luc like if your boss find someone sleeping at work this will be the machine he will be using for the rest of the week? :D 

    Great tho it is rare to see them in developed places, back in India we still use them at court room notary places. Not all but like half of people still use old style typewriters rather than computers. 

  • :D ... :( Everything is becoming old...

    Does anybody have an old time machine??? :D

    Thank you for sharing Lucinka!

    I will try to show our old typing maching later.

  • i started my career typing on this machine of Hermes Model.  I was feeling when I switch over to electronic typewrite prior to switching on to computer.

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