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Photo Challenge : A Mascot for EC

A response to Tara's discussion : A Mascot for ECThe blue and yellow Macaw, also known as the blue and gold Macaw, is a kind of bird has striking colours, ability to talk, and close bonding to humans.I think a Macaw is the best choice to a mascot for EC ! EC is friendly, awesome performance and attractive site to learn English :-)
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  • @Nadiya when you feel love with special someone you automatically explain this with your own words.:) 

  • @Umair, can you explain these words : Birds are love sign ?

  • waaooo nice i like it :)   birds are love sign ;) 

  • Oh my! I think I'm in love!
  • Surprise when I copied this link on my reply box it opened.  Very beautiful and appropriate.  Congrats.

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