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Photo Challenge#21 : Picturing Words

Trick ArtCreates an illusion that the depicted objects really exist and are not just two-dimensional paintings. Basically, it's a photo that tricks your eyes!Source: you provide a suitable caption for this trick art?
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  • Ok, Robbie, I will read it little bit later.

  • @ Roman 

    What a clever reply! Anyway, 'frenemy' is already an English word. Look what you made me do! You gave me an idea to blog about it. Here's the link, freshly written!

    Thanks again!

    Fakers 2.0 - Frenemy
    If there’s a modern word that relates to a traitor, it would be the ‘frenemy’. Since the English language continues to evolve, more and more words ar…
  • Hahaha! :) Frenemy! Sounds as real English word:) Well, I would rather use it to watch the movies about money :DDD

  • Ha! That's awesome, Roman! It would a great idea to bring your 'frenemy' to an IMAX 7D cinema where he could be eaten by sea monsters. :P

  • IMAX 7D Cinema! :D

  • Hi, A738a!

    Sorry for my super duper late reply! You have a good memory. Finding Nemo is one of the best animated movies of all time. It's always refreshing to re-watch an old movie. It brings back nice memories of that time or even annoying ones...

    Thank you for your comment! 


  • I can totally see the Finding Nemo characters here: Nemo and his father, that creepy-looking fish voiced by Dafoe, the vegetarian(!) shark, the turtle, I don't remember the giant octopus though, :/ Hmmm. It's been almost 13 years. Wow! I guess time really flies, huh?

  • Don't worry, I turned him as a fish soup. Lol! :P

  • Be careful, Robbie! hehe..

  • You're right, Pavel! Museums could have creepy, weird and funny creatures. Thank you for leaving a comment! :)

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