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Photo Challenge #17: My Windows to world.

hello Guys, Here is my desk for studying, working and playing. Everyday I sit and open my beloved laptop to do anything, from study, work and join to MyEc.On my desk so many things look doesnt arranged, I let my desk looks like that because sometimes I got panic if my desk looks very nice. hihihiOn my desk always any books, handphone and other hardwares. I like to write something on my books when I got Idea topic to do reseach because I love something new, and on my back desk is dining room because If I got hungry I can reach foods with easy. hihihiand the most important is my beloved laptop. this is my third laptop, because I like do something with my laptop such as unpack it and then the laptop is broken. My laptop is something important for me because with this hadware I can see what happen with our world and connected to MyEc and met with many virtual friends.Ok guys, that is my windows to world.
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  • Very smart. :D

  • @Rubies

    Yes you right Rubies. My desk beside on my bed room, my room has 2 windows and I like sit near with window, because when I smell of something delicious from my kitchen, It means I am going to run to my dinning room. About trophy, I got it when I was being student at Senior high school, I got the best score. hihihihi

    Btw, thanks for liking and comment on my picture.^.^

  • I love it so much especially the small books shelves on the left. I need it next my own PC, too. How about the trophy over there? I want one , too. BS, It's so likely to have window behind your computer, so it would be two windows behind each other. When my PC was in my bed room, It was in front of the window.

  • You're such a great baby. Ya, You always set me ..."mind at rest" . You can see...your brother...hhhh...He went for his picnic and without my permission. So tell me...How do you think about my punishment?  (of course, for him, not you..kekeke).

    Thank you very much ...yes, really need to say Thanks" to you because whenever I open my computer then I see....your shouting.....hahaha...Mom, Mommy. It makes me very pleasant.

    Love you baby

  • @Mom Mitran: moooooooooooooooommmmm!

    Finally I got your lovely message. Sure, I am going to clean my desk Mom, believe me I do it as soon after I get your second command. hahaha..

    Nice to see you again mom. Love you..^.^

  • @Naughty: Hi naughty??? what do you mean about beauty? Is it me? Yes, sure I am very beautiful. you have know it. hahaha....^.*

  • @Teacher Hala: Thanks for your lovely message my teacher. What??? you will let me borrow your books? Wow...So nice, but my weakness is when I see pile of books, I already to sleepy. hihihi

    Thanks for liking teacher ^.^

  • @Cat: Yes, I still wanna your glasess. But dont worry, I will search glasess and then we stand together like twins, Are you agree? hihihi

  • Heyyyy baby (shouting)...clean your desk, right now. permission is coming soon. Got it?

  • hihihih....very beautiful, naughty!

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