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Photo Challenge #17 : My One World

Yes! This is the beautiful world where I have a lot of things to enjoy everyday. If you can see the rose on my's for you. :)

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  • @Scarlett, it's a programming book. :)

    @Grape, thank you so much for lovely words. Love your friendship cup and accepted.:) BTW, that girl is not only with Vietnamese's hat, but she is a Vietnamese girl. :)

  • I really like your photo, especial a thing in.... That is a girl with " vietnamese hat" !!!

    2386315510?profile=originalHave a nice day!

  • Thanks, B-R! Okay, next time it'd be your time.:P

  • LOL! you all will keep fighting for the rose and someone else will come and take it. :P :D Don't fight's 4 you. :P

  • So neat place Raj. .... I wonder who is that girl over there! hehehe She is watching you :DDD thanks for the red roses, but I prefer white ones :pppp
  • @ Anau!!!!!!

    OMG, how.... lovely my enemy you are! LOL.... But, won't forget to fight you. I won't lost, dear!

    But you will lost for sure by my sweet kiss on your nose! haha.... Are you ready?

  • @Cat: Btw, look at me now...!


  • @Cat

    What? you wanna fight with me? Ok, I ready to fight with you, no doubt! Now, I wear my glasses and you will lost fight with me. hihihi....

    @Rajesh: Thanks for the clear picture. my eyes feel sick when seeing unclear picture. :)

  • Raj!

    I think your choice with that unclear picture is the best choice, because of it, the pic looks so artistic! lol...:D

    By the way, what's the name of that thick book?

  • Oops! Kid! 

    I didn't notice that some roses definitely presented to me these day... hahaha... I saw my name you've mentioned below! good kid!

    @ Anau, do you want to fight me? hehe.... wear your glasses and I will come to you immediately! :D

    @ Sis Mouse, I think your son must miss you so much. thus he put her stand there. And rose? OMG, you also want to receive it! lol... Okay, I give up! don't dare to fight you... :P

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